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Enolmaster Tandem Professional Filter Housing w/Pyrex Vessel

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  • Allows you to easily and cleanly filter your wine WHILE bottling.
  • Pyrex filter housing allows you to filter high temperature products (up to 230F) and above 20% ABV.
  • Two filter housing can be used inline to provide two levels of filtering while bottling.
  • Includes the tubing necessary to hook up to your Enolmaster bottling machine.
  • Easy to clean!

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The Enolmaster Tandem Professional Filter Housing is designed to operate in conjunction with the Enolmaster Bottle Filling Machine. The Tandem Professional Filter Housing helps you save time by filtering and bottling at the same time. With this filter housing you can filter wine, olive oil, spirits, syrup, and fruit juices depending on the filter cartridges you use.

To use, simply place the filters in the housing and attach the hoses, then open the bypass valve on top of the filter housing. The filter unit is placed inline between the product (wine, oil, spirit, etc..) and the Enolmaster Filler itself. The Enolmaster will draw from your tanks or barrel and pull the product through your filter housing.

Filter Information

Filter cartridges for the Tandem Professional Filter housing are available in 5, 1, 0.5 and 0.2 micron ratings. The filter housing requires three (3) filter cartridges of the same micron level to use. Do not mix filter cartridge micron levels as this will impact performance. You can connect two filter housings together at a time to perform multi step inline filtering (i.e. 5 micron followed by 1 micron).

Product Features

  • Allows you to filter your wine (or oil, spirits, etc..) inline while bottling.
  • Can connect multiple Filter Housings inline for one step filtering, for example 5 micron followed by 1 micron
  • Pyrex vessel can handle alcohol content above 20% ABV and temperatures up to 230F.
  • Includes alcohol/temp resistant Pharmapress tubing for connecting to your Enolmaster.
  • Filter housing and filter cartridges are easy to clean for years of continuous use.


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