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Red Star Wine Yeast Selection Matrix

Red Star is one of the leading manufacturers of quality wine yeasts, and Quality Wine and Ale Supply is proud to include it in our product line.

As you can see in the chart below, Red Star produces a wide variety of yeasts. Certain yeasts are only used with certain types of wine, while other yeasts can be used for a variety of wine styles. But each yeast type has a distinctive sensory effect and other characteristics that make it unique.

You can create a red wine with a fruity flavor profile (with the Côte des Blancs) or a red with a full bodied flavor (with the Montrachet yeast), and that is what gives the home wine maker an unparalleled array of possibilities to experiment with.

Selection Criteria YEAST TYPE
Wine Type Côte des Blancs * Flor Sherry French White Montrachet Pasteur Champagne Pasteur Red Premier Cuvée
Sensory Effect              
Fruity Esters            
Full Bodied          
Other Characteristics              
Vigorous Fermenter    
Ferment to Dryness    
Restart Stuck          
Ethanol Tolerant        
SO2 Tolerant  
Low Foaming          
Low Urea            
Low Fusel Oil            

* Note: Côte des Blancs is sutable only for cuveés (not for secondary in-bottle fermentations)