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Brewer to Winemaker Equipment Upgrade Kit

$129.99 & FREE SHIPPING details
  • Turn the brewer in your life into a winemaker with this kit!
  • Includes bucket and carboy fermenters that are the perfect size for winemaking!
  • Cork standard wine bottles with the included nomacorc corks and double lever corker

Brew your own beer, but want to give a shot at making wine? Then this upgrade kit is perfect for you! Most equipment used by brewers is the same equipment used in the winemaking process, with a few differences. While beer brewers tend to make 5 gallon batches of beer, most wine kits are made to a volume of 6 gallons. This means slightly larger fermenters. Another difference is the corked bottles used in winemaking. However, these differences can be easily reconciled with our Brewer to Winemaker Upgrade Kit! All that you need then is a wine kit and some bottles to start making delicious wine at home!

Need Some Ingredients?

We've offered up 4 wine ingredient kits to choose from the drop downs above, but you can also choose from one of dozens of Winexpert Wine Ingredient Kits here. There's a style for everyone!

ARE YOU NOT THE BREWER? Then this kit is the perfect way to gently get a brewer to do some winemaking on the side for you!

Product Features

  • Turn a brewer into a winemaker with this equipment kit!
  • Comes with bucket and carboy fermenters that are standard issue in winemaking for making 6 gallon batches of wine!
  • Cork wine bottles with the included pack of nomacorcs and a double lever corker!

Kit Includes

  • 7.9 gallon total capacity primary fermenting bucket
  • Lid for 7.9 gallon fermenting bucket
  • 6 gallon glass carboy
  • Double lever corker
  • 1 pack of 30 nomacorc corks, perfect for a 6 gallon batch of wine!
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