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Fermonster Pet Carboy 6 Gallon

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SKU 5136

The World’s Biggest Wide-Mouth Carboy! With a wider 4” mouth, there is easier access for cleaning, made of heavy P.E.T. plastic, BPA free and impermeable to oxygen. There are no ribs, only smooth sides, so no yeast or sediment will adhere to walls during fermentation. Best of all it’s built right. 100% North America made. You can use it for primary or secondary fermentation. The lid is constructed as one piece, providing an airtight seal. The FerMonster comes with user manual, cleaning instructions and a lid with hole. (An optional solid lid is also available.)
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Easy to CleanUnlike most carboys, ours have smooth, rimless sides and a 4” wide mouth to reduce the residual yeast and sediment from sticking to the sides. This makes cleaning easier. Easy to Fill - The wide mouth opening reduces spillage and the need for additional equipment. Easy to Measure - Brilliantly clear with built-in 5-gallon and 6-gallon markers on the side for your convenience. The FerMonster XL 7 gallon also has a built-in 7-gallon marker. Built Right - It has enough capacity to use for primary fermentation as well as secondary. The lid is constructed as one piece for and airtight seal. Made with food-grade materials & BPA-free. Completely taste and odor-free and stain resistant. Please note that this Fermonster fermenter has a larger hole than a standard glass carboy, and take a #10 drilled stopper (item #4629) or a drilled stopper for P.E.T. carboys (item #5153). An optional solid lid is available that you can use to keep dust out when storing or you can alter the solid lid to fit your needs by adding your own holes.

User Manual (PDF)

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