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Imperial Stout - One Gallon Beer Making Kit

SKU 1410

Brewer's Best One Gallon Imperial Stout Beer Making Ingredient Kit. This full-bodied dark brew has an intense roast flavor with a huge malt influence. The hop bitterness is offset by a touch of sweetness from the big malt character. Give this beer some time to mature and  consider using an oak alternative for added complexity. IBUs: 58 - 62  ABV: 8.1% - 8.6% Difficulty: Easy. Makes 12 - 15 12oz bottles of hand crafted, small batch homebrew.
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Brewer's Best One Gallon Imperial Stout Ingredient Kit Includes:

  • Malt Extract
  • Hops
  • Yeast
  • Priming Sugar
  • Bottle Caps
  • Adjuncts (candi, rice etc.)*
  • Specialty Grain*
  • Grain Bag*
  • Easy-To-Follow Instructions

*Included when required in specific beer recipes

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Small Batch Brewing With Brewer's Best Beer Making Kits

The trend toward small batch brewing makes sense as there are many benefits to consider when brewing beer by the gallon. Quality Wine and Ale Supply is proud to offer a new line of One Gallon Beer Making Ingredient Kits by Brewers Best. Everything you need to craft your best brew is now packaged into these small batch recipe kits. The equipment needed is minimal and inexpensive making entering as a new hobbyist less intimidating.

Benefits of Brewer's Best One Gallon Ingredient Kits are:

* Low Cost:  Start-up costs are low! Brewer's Best One Gallon Beer Making Ingredient Kits are very reasonably priced and come complete, unlike some other small batch kits in today's market.

* Eco Friendly: Environmentally conscious customers will be happy that less energy is used to heat, boil and chill the wort when compared to 5 gallon batches, promoting sustainability.

* Minimal Space Required:  The smaller equipment required allows for easy storage and handling.

* Less Time Consuming: Only a short amount of time is needed to bring a couple of gallons of water/wort to a boil. Chilling the wort is also much quicker at this lower volume.

* Lightweight: No heavy fermenters to lift or move around.

* Less Risk: Whether you're a new hobbyist just dipping your toe in the water or have multiple years of experience, the low cost will allow for experimentation and fun while making many different styles of beer.

Don't forget equipment! The Brewer's Best One Gallon Equipment Kit to complete your new hobby.

One Gallon Ingredient and Equipment Kits make an affordable gift for Holidays, College Graduations, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Birthdays or for turning a friend on to a fun and rewarding hobby. 

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