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Lalvin VP41 Dry Malolactic Bacteria

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A dry strain of malolactic bacteria, this 2.5 gram packet can be used to treat up to 66 gallons (250L) of wine!

Lalvin VP41 was isolated in a hot reagion of Italy during a European Craft malolactic bacteria selection project for wine bacteria with unique performance and winemaking properties. Lalvin VP41 stook out as highly tolerant, which can perform under the most difficult winemaking conditions such as very high alcohol as well as low pH. It is one of the wine bacteria that is very tolerant to SO2. In addition to its excellent wine tolerance, Lalvin VP41 is recognized for its sensory contributions to red berry fruit aroma, its late and slow degredation of citric acid and very low production of diacetyl.

Product Features:

  • Alcohol tolerance <15.5% v/v
  • SO2 tolerant <60 ppm
  • pH >3.2
  • temperature >61 degree F

You can't store malolactic bacteria once the package has been opened. Note: Malolactic bacteria added during the ferment will compete with the yeast for nutrients and are atagonistic to yeast, sometimes causing problems resulting in stuck or stalled fermentations. The best time to add an ML culture is after racking off the gross lees.

2.5g packet is good for 250L (66gal)

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