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Taprite Dual Gauge Regulator with Adjustment Knob

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SKU 03C09-102

Taprite has long been a trusted name in the beverage industry. Known for their high quality craftsmanship, Taprite has one of the best regulators on the market! These dual guage regulators have a low pressure gauge which shows output pressure (supports 0 - 50 PSI), and a high pressure gauge that shows the remaining pressure in the cylinder. Taprite regulators are known for having high quality diaphragms which stand up to the test of time much better than cheaper or lower-quality regulators, as well as being more accurate for a longer period of time. The regulator also includes a standard CO2 barb with shutoff valve and a safety check.

Product Features

  • Supports pressure regulation from 0-50 PSI
  • Large adjustment knob on front of regulator allows you to easily adjust your pressure output.
  • Adjustment knob can also lock into place so your pressure can stay consistent, even if it gets knocked around.
  • Connects to all standard CO2 tanks.
  • Includes tank washer to ensure a perfect seal every time.
  • Also includes a shut-off valve with 5/16 in. hose barb to connect your gas line to.
  • Taprite regulators are the highest quality in the industry, and are built to last. Don't got with a cheapo regulator that will break in a couple months. Go with a name that's trusted; go with Taprite!
Brewer's Best Primary Dual Gauge Regulator with 5/16" Barb
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