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5 Beers You Have to Try This Fall

5 Beers You Have to Try This Fall

There’s More to Autumn than Pumpkin Beer


Okay, I like pumpkin beer.

ssdagsI think it gets a bad rap. I’ve definitely had some bad pumpkin beers - like, really bad - but a lot of delicious pumpkin beers are being damned for the sins of their rather repulsive cousins. It’s really a shame. So here I will offer the haters a list of scrumptious seasonal alternatives to the much despised pumpkin ale. There’s no possible way you can turn your noses up at these. So here it goes:  

Top 5 Beers You Have to Try This Fall


pasted image 0 (1)Evil Dead Red by Alesmith Brewing Company

Do not be fooled by the novelty of this ale. It’s deep, blood red color is awesome, no doubt, but the beauty of this ale is that it is also delicious. The ale has a fresh, intense aroma of pine and citrus. The caramel malts balance this it out by making it smooth and sweet like a good autumn brew should be. It boasts a spooky 6.66% ABV, and Alesmith says it is to be enjoyed with “toffee, caramel apples, or your favorite horror flick”. This is a decisively different take on the seasonal ale, and it should not be missed.

pasted image 0 (2)Autumn Ale by Breckenridge Brewery

Breckenridge Brewery’s Autumn Ale is a full-bodied ale that is a glorious hybrid of the traditional American Ale and the German Oktoberfest, inheriting the best characteristics of both. It’s easy drinking, perfect for those nights around the bonfire with friends, but will warm your bones on a blustery day of leaf raking like a hearty stout. The warmth comes from the undertones of toasted Munich grains, nutty malts, dark fruits, and hints of chocolate. It will leave you content and ready for winter.

pasted image 0 (3)Harvest by Long Trail Brewing Co.

Long Trail’s take on the traditional brown ale - with a twist. Vermont Maple Syrup is added during the brewing process to give it a lingering sweetness that only makes you want more, and because of its low ABV, you can keep on drinking. This ale is warm and rich, with the inviting aromas of bittersweet chocolate, roasted coffee, and maple syrup. It will create visions of beautiful Vermont foliage and pumpkin carving - and it guaranteed to get you in the spirit of Autumn.

pasted image 0 (4)Pecan Harvest Ale by Abita Brewing Co. 

When it comes to seasonal Autumn brews, the South is seriously under represented. Enter Abita Brewing Co. They craft a perfect harvest ale, made with real toasted Louisiana pecans. Most toasted flavors in beer come into play when the malt of the beer is toasted - but not in this case. This makes for an excellent, easy drinking beer, with a warmth and richness made possible by the toasted pecans. The beer also has a faintly sweet caramel aroma that is not overpowering in the least. Giving this one a try, and it might become your favorite autumn brew.

pasted image 0 (5)Breakfast Stout by Founders

There’s nothing about Founders Breakfast Stout that screams “autumn”, at least, not specifically. Sure, it’s available seasonally (September through December), but there’s nothing gimmicky about it. There’s no mention of pumpkins, spice, or harvest whatsoever. However, there is something inexplicably right about enjoying this dark brew on a chilly autumn afternoon. Brewed with flaked oats, Sumatra and Kona coffees, it’s basically like having a warm bowl of oatmeal and a stiff cup of black coffee, and it has the same effect on your mood. This stout is delicious and rich, smooth and comforting. So even if it’s not overtly seasonal in nature, every sip echoes the feeling of fall: it’s getting cold, time to warm up. So when the temperature drops and the leaves begin to turn, gather your friends and family around a bonfire and warm your bones with a few of these seasonal brews. Cheers!
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