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Peach Wine Recipe

Peach Wine Recipe

Easy Peach Wine Recipe Easy Peach Wine Recipe Makes 1 Gallon


2.5 lbs. Peaches (about 10 peaches) 7 pts. Filtered Water 2 lbs. Sugar 1.5 tsp. Acid Blend 1 tsp. Pectic Enzyme ¼ tsp. Wine Tannin ½ tsp. Yeast Energizer 1 Campden Tablet, Crushed 1 Package Red Star Cotes De Blanc Wine Yeast


  1. Choose your fruit. Make sure the peaches are ripe, but firm. Choose peaches free of blemishes and bruises.
  2. Prepare your peaches. Wash the fruit. Peel the skin from the fruit, and remove any brown spots or bruises. Remove the pits and weigh out your fruit.
  3. Mash the fruit. Using a nylon straining bag, mash the fruit and strain the juice into your primary fermenter. Keep the pulp in your straining bag. Tie the bag off and place the mashed fruit in your primary fermenter with the juice.
  4. Add room temperature water. Top up to one gallon of fluid.
  5. Stir in: Sugar, AcidBlend, Pectic Enzyme, Wine Tannin, Yeast Energizer, and crushed Campden Tablet.
  6. Take a hydrometer reading. Your starting gravity should be between 1.085 – 1.090. Cover primary. Wait 24 hours.
  7. After 24 hours: add yeast.
  8. Stir daily. Check specific gravity often. When gravity reaches 1.040 (3-5 days), strain juice lightly from nylon bag.
  9. Siphon wine off layer of sediment into glass secondary jug. Attach your airlock.
  10. Continue to check gravity. When it reaches 1.000 (about 3 weeks), siphon off sediment layer again. Reattach airlock.
  11. Continue racking until the wine achieves the clarity you desire. When wine is clear, siphon into clean, sanitized bottles.
  12. Age to perfection and enjoy!
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