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Spring Wines Worthy Of Your Wine Making Kit

Spring Wines Worthy Of Your Wine Making Kit

Red White WineSpring is a time of fresh renewal, better temperatures, and of course, spring time wines! You’ll obviously want to tailor your wine making kit endeavors to the coming season for maximize enjoyment of both the wine and the season. Given the warmer, more comfortable spring climate and greener colors, a lighter white wine would make sense as your ideal next wine making kit creation. But if white wines are not your forte/favorite, there are red wines that are just as refreshing in the spring time.

White Wines

Pinot Grigio A light, crisp Pinot Grigio is a perfect spring time wine to make in your wine making kit for many reasons. Most Pinot Grigios have a flower and spice aroma perfect as the grass turns green and flowers bloom. Pinot Grigios also have hints of various fruit flavors and smells, such as melon, pear, and apple, and are a great way to relax as the temperature heats up. Sauvignon Blanc The average Sauvignon Blanc should remind you of clean, misty grass and fresh fruit. An easy-to-make Sauvignon Blanc in your wine making kit has an earthy, pepper-like aroma and distinct fruity tastes reminiscent of a kiwi or grapefruit. Sauvignon Blancs are light enough to be drank on their own and complimentary enough to be drank with an spring meal.

Red Wines

Pinot Noir A Pinot Noir fresh from your wine making kit are game for all seasons, thanks to its versatility and general popularity. Pinot Noirs are typically punchy, sweet, and full-bodied, smelling often of raspberries, cherries, or currant. If your winter-to-spring change amounts to warm giving way to very warm temperatures, pinot noirs are an ideal compliment to any grill-out or relaxing, lazy day. If your winters run from cold to gradual warmth, it’s a guarantee that a Pinot Noir from your wine making kit will be an easy, early transition. Beaujolais The Beaujolais varietal of wine has been described as a white wine masquerading as a red, which makes it a perfect choice for your next wine making kit batch. A Beaujolais comes in different styles depending on your preferences (Nouveau is the lightest, Cru is one of the heaviest), which makes it a perfect option for either a warm or cold spring day. They can be sweet, tart, and herby without a harsh finish.

Pink Wines

Rosé If you can’t choose between making a red or white wine in your wine making kit, why not do a combination of both! A rosé is a standard summer wine, but is certainly dry and light enough to be drunk in the spring. Rosé wines also have a very flowery scent and slight touch of fruit flavor, helping you ring in the warmer climate with a balanced taste. These five wines aren’t the only ones that should be drunk during the spring, as your preferences should dictate the flavor of your next batch. Just enjoy the fact that the winter blues are slowly fading into spring!
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