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St. Patrick’s Day Beers And How To Dye Your Home Brew Green

St. Patrick’s Day Beers And How To Dye Your Home Brew Green

Oktoberfest is a month-long celebration of beer, but there’s no single day dedicated to beer in all its glory like March 17: St. Patrick’s Day. Along with wearing green and pretending you’re Irish no matter what your ancestry, as a home brewer you can whip up a special batch of your own brew to honor the St. Patrick’s Day traditions. Making any beer green is easy (only one drop of green food coloring per pint required), but to truly honor the holiest of beer holidays you should really be working with one of the many fine bona fide Irish beer styles. Note that the lighter your St. Patrick’s Day brew is, the easier it will be to see its green tint. But we must say that darker beers with heavy green foam look pretty cool, too!

Staple Irish Beers

Here are some beer styles that reflect the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day:


The most obvious answer to the question of, “What beer is the most Irish?” is an Irish or traditional stout similar to a Guinness. That is certainly true because of the stout’s roots in Ireland, and a stout brewed at home can be just as good as (or better than) one bought from the store.

Irish Red Ale

Irish red ales have a slight tint of amber red color in every glass thanks to a touch of roasted barley. The best examples of this popular Irish style of beer include Smithwick’s and Killian’s, both of which can be easily replicated in time for St. Patrick’s Day.

Irish Lager

Irish lagers are fairly light in color, making them a primary candidate for green coloring. Irish lagers such as Harp, are very versatile because of their light feel and crisp finish that compliments whatever weather St. Patrick’s Day throws your way. This is definitely a beer style that can be enjoyed by a diverse crowd. All three of these beers are great candidates for your next beer making kit endeavors. Just remember to enjoy St. Patrick’s Day responsibly, with a home brew!  
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